Top 5 lithium ion battery supplier in India in details

Top 5 lithium ion battery supplier in India in details

Lithium-ion batteries have become indispensable power sources for various applications due to their high energy density and long cycle life. They are widely utilized in solar energy systems, electric cars, and portable gadgets. The best lithium ion battery manufacturers for street light in India provide dependable and effective solutions for street lights, guaranteeing consistent illumination, fewer maintenance requirements, and increased energy efficiency for public lighting infrastructure.


Leading manufacturers and suppliers of lithium ion batteries in India

The lithium-ion battery sector has surged to the forefront of technical development in response to the growing need for dependable and effective energy storage solutions. With its quick adoption of renewable energy sources and electric cars, India has significantly increased the market for lithium-ion batteries. The name of the top lithium-ion battery supplier in India is described below.

1)  Loom Solar – Energy Storage

As Loom Solar expands its product line to include lithium batteries, it also becomes the first lithium battery producer to provide a 6Ah to 100Ah range in the consumer market through retail channels and online marketplaces. Customers will benefit from utilizing the product for residential applications due to this B2C business. To provide bespoke designs for the developing lithium battery market, Loom Solar has focused on product integration through ongoing research and innovation.

2)  Samsung SDI, Co, Ltd:

Samsung SDI is the world's top producer, supplier, and trader of lithium-ion battery cells and electronic components. The business manufactures lithium-ion batteries for stationary energy storage systems, hybrid electric cars, and automobiles. It dominates the worldwide market for electric cars, and major manufacturers like BMW and Volkswagen utilize its batteries in their vehicles.

The company operates in four segments,small-sized lithium-ion batteries, automotive batteries, energy storage solutions (ESS), and electronic materials. The former segments use lithium-ion batteries for consumer electronics and electric mobility solutions.

3)  Das Electronics Solution

One of the Das Electronics Solution is leading lithium ion battery supplier in India. Lithium-ion batteries and electric mobility solutions are replacing lead-acid batteries in the battery industry. It also intends to build a Giga factory to generate batteries for electric vehicles. It is a market leader in technology and the best lithium ion battery manufacturer in India for both automotive and industrial uses.

4)  Mahindra – EV

Another leading car manufacturer Mahindra is expanding aggressively into EVs. The business recently filed proposals with Hyundai and Reliance in response to India's $2.4 billion battery program. This top lithium ion battery supplier in India also introduced the Mahindra Treo, an e-rickshaw and a cargo variant, which is the nation's first-ever lithium-ion battery-powered auto rickshaw. The corporation is also releasing a wide variety of vehicles in electric form.

5)  Hyundai – EV

Hyundai, one of India's top automakers, has switched to electric driving with the release of the Kona, a high-end electric car. For the development of batteries, the business has worked with IonQ, a maker of quantum computers. The partnership's primary goal is to increase the lithium batteries' capacity, strength, and safety for usage in electric cars.


These businesses are market leaders in India for lithium-ion batteries thanks to their dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Top lithium ion battery manufacturer in India support a greener and more sustainable future by fueling India's future with their cutting-edge technologies and outstanding product offerings.