23 AH 48 V Lithium Ion Battery For Scooty

23 AH 48 V Lithium Ion Battery For Scooty

Das Electronics covers the manufacturing of all sorts of rechargeable batteries for various household, commercial and industrial purposes. The company also offer Lithium Ion Battery for scooty. The company supplies its products all over India. The company focuses on understanding the needs of the customers. We have a dedicated team of highly experienced and qualified technicians working with us. This team understands what the demands are and accordingly comes up with innovative designs for matching those needs. Lithium Ion Battery for scooty is one such product designed especially for electric scooty.




48 V

Capacity Of The Battery

Up to 120 Ah

Type Of Battery

Lithium Ion

Uses & Applications

Electric vehicles



The demand for the products of the company is increasing consistently. The company is working hard on increasing its capacities, to match this growing demand. In the meanwhile, the company still ensures that all deliveries are made on a timely basis, without any quality compromises.