Are lithium ion batteries capable to replace lead acid batteries

Are lithium ion batteries capable to replace lead acid batteries

Every customer is searching for a battery that has a long life span, is weightless, has no maintenance, is easy to carry, is safe to operate, has better discharge and efficiency, but practically it seems impossible isn’t it? But Das Electronics make it possible, and we are one of the best lithium ion battery manufacturers for street light in India, which is the best in the industry and affordable for everyone.

For all your demands, we are coming up with the latest version of lithium-ion batteries, which are known as lithium batteries.

We can understand further why lithium batteries are much more efficient and gain the trust of people over acid batteries-

Safe and Stable

During dangerous and sensitive conditions such as collision, short-circuiting and overcharging lithium iron phosphate eliminates the risk of fire and explosion, and it works smoothly in temperature conditions from -20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, so it is very safe and stable & one of the best choices to choose lithium batteries over others like lead acid batteries.

Environmental impact

The most important thing is that our environment and you will be happier to know that lithium batteries are not rare earth metals used, non-harmful and non-polluting like nickel oxide & lead acid which are very harmful to the environment.


Performance is the final output of any product, it helps to identify the quality of the product how long, and efficiently it works in the long run, and it is the key factor that helps to boost the selling of the product. Performance includes a life span, slow rates of self-release and lesser weight of batteries are the factors that affect the performance of products. The best thing about Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries is- that it is a rechargeable battery and best suited for high-power applications, so it is a better solution than lead-acid batteries. And these batteries have very good performance compared to others.

If you are planning to buy lithium batteries then the only best option is Das Electronics which is one of the top lithium phosphate ion battery manufacturer in India and the only trusted company that assured everything in writing.

These are some significant factors there are a lot more than this, that’s the reason people select lithium batteries which are manufactured by no one other than Das Electronics which gives assurance for every product.

There are lots of companies in India who claim that their batteries are the best, but Das is the only market leader, especially in solar rechargeable batteries people trust and our quality of products at an affordable price makes us No.1 in the industry.

We have a team of experts and professionals who has rich experience in designing and developing lithium batteries that can fulfill the needs of the customers they want, and we take care of our customer's need.

Our battery is always in demand, especially for solar lighting purposes, due to the quality we provide to our customers.

Our expert checks the quality of every battery from some quality check process which is as per the rule, and we ensure only tested, and good quality products will enter the market. We take utmost care of our customers so that they will not face any problems from ordering to delivering and most important from the quality and performance perspective.

We are the leading lithium battery supplier in Delhi NCR apart from that we have a manufacturing hub in many parts of India but as per the demand of people and local suppliers in Delhi NCR demand for one manufacturing unit should be in NCR and the best possible place for everyone we choose Ghaziabad, so we are one of the best lithium ion battery manufacturer and supplier in Ghaziabad too, and we are growing day by the trust of people that we earned by giving high-quality product and services to all societies of people from low wages to high everyone trusts on us and do mouth publicity, and we feel blessed from your love on our products and very soon we will open one more unit.