23 AH 60 V Lithium Ion Battery for Scooty

23 AH 60 V Lithium Ion Battery for Scooty

The Lithium Ion Battery for Scooty manufactured by Das Electronics is one of the best options for electric scooters. These Lithium ion battery for electric scooter come with high density and are extremely low maintenance. They discharge very slowly and even after 1.5 years of usage, they still have 75% of their capacity intact. Thus, the need for battery replacement does not arise




60 V

Capacity Of The Battery

120 Ah

Type Of Battery

Lithium Ion

Uses & Applications

Electric vehicles




Das Electronics is known for its ethical business practices and we are considered one of the best lithium ion battery manufacturer for scooty. The company lives up to all its promises including those about the quality of its products, timely delivery, and offering its products at the most reasonable prices. Lithium-ion battery price for electric scooters provides the best value for money. It is for these reasons that in spite of having started operation in 2015, the company has already earned a huge loyal customer base for itself. The company has managed to attain all its goals and make its customers happy.