Energy Storage Lithium Phosphate

Energy Storage Lithium Phosphate

Top lithium battery manufacturer in IndiaDas Electronics is the lithium phosphate ion battery manufacturer in India and has become a market leader in solar rechargeable batteries. We are well known for our top quality products and affordable prices. Our experienced team works hard to design and develop batteries that serve the exact needs of the customers. Our Energy Storage Lithium Phosphate Battery is in high demand for solar lighting purposes. 




12.8 V

Capacity Of The Battery

6 Ah to 200 Ah



Type Of Battery

Lithium Phosphate Battery (Lithium Po4)

Uses & Applications

Solar Lightning

Battery Size




Minimum Order

50 Pieces

These batteries undergo a series of quality checks and test to ensure that only the best quality and most durable products enter the market. Our battery brand is considered in  top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturer in India. From ordering to delivering the same, the company ensures that the customers do not have to face any hassles or troubles.  

Das Electronics is a reliable brand name for  lithium ion battery manufacturer in India.