Lithium ion battery for electric scooters Expectation vs Reality

Lithium ion battery for electric scooters Expectation vs Reality

There are a lot of talks about electric vehicles in the last few years. You can hear about electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries on every news channel, business channel, newspaper and magazine. Many companies are manufacturing electric vehicles around the world. Also, there are many types of electric vehicles available in the market. The most famous electric vehicles in India are electric rickshaws and electric scooters. 

Irrespective of the type of electric vehicle, a lithium-ion battery is the most appropriate and suitable option to power these vehicles. We are going to discuss the same with respect to electric scooters. According to the Lithium ion battery manufacturers in India, the demand for lithium batteries is increasing very rapidly. However, on the ground, the change is very minimal and slow.

Everybody knew that we have to switch towards green and sustainable energy to tackle climate change and pollution. The international agencies also pushed governments around the world to adopt green and clean sources of energy. In the automobile sector, the only feasible source is the technology of lithium-ion batteries. In the beginning, everyone was expecting this change from fossil fuel to green energy will take place after at least two decades. There were lots of hurdles like government policies, electric vehicle cost, charging infrastructure, development of efficient lithium-ion batteries, acceptance of the general public etc. Nobody knew that when and how this will take place. Lithium ion battery manufacturers in India playing a major role by providing affordable and efficient batteries.


-General public expects affordable lithium ion battery price for electric scooter as everyone sees electric scooters as low maintenance and low running cost machine.

-The powerful performance with good ride quality is also expected as there is a lot of research going on.

-The decent battery range with quick charge technology is essential as people do not have enough time to wait for recharge frequently.

-For an efficient electric vehicle, easily swappable and support services of lithium-ion batteries are also required.

-Good quality electric scooter components and parts are also a must.

-Advance features like battery indicators, different modes, batteries health and breakdown notification should be included.


The real progress is very slow but steady in the area of lithium-ion batteries and electric scooters. Let’s take a look at the current situation.

-Lithium ion battery for electric scooter are developed and improved a lot but they still have limited range and weight disadvantages.

-There are lots of companies that are manufacturing electric scooters. So, it mean that people are accepting lithium-ion batteries and finding them useful and more efficient.

-Many big players like Rental Sites e.g. Ola are also using lithium-ion batteries for their electric scooters.

-As the manufacturing and the demand for electric scooters is increasing, lithium ion battery price for electric scooter is decreasing slowly.

-Many manufacturers and sellers are also offering warranties for Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric scooters which helps in reducing the risks of spending more in case of any damage.

-It also helps in replacing a battery in your electric scooters at a very minimal cost from around 10000 to 15000 INR per change.

-Commercialization of Lithium-Ion Batteries is going on on a Large Scale because of which the Cost of these batteries will be eventually going down. 



Lithium-Ion Batteries are now found everywhere from powering up our electric Cars, Scooters to E-Rickshaws. Lithium Batteries are so efficient and safe that we are using them even to lighten up our mobile phones and computers. These batteries have a powerful advantages like long battery life and compact sizes. They are also available in various capacities for our different Requirements. Lithium-Ion Batteries are the most reliable power source for all our basic day to day machines and also proved to be an environmental friendly resource for our day to day commute. The positive effects of these batteries are outweighing the negative ones. There is also constant research going on to improve the chemistry of these batteries to make them more reliable in terms of backup and safety. There is a high chance that when the technology will progress they will become more advance and secure. This also proves the point that Lithium-Ion batteries are perfect to be used at this time. Be it in Electric Scooters or Cars or any other machine and its benefits are much more than any safety concern.