Top five Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in India

Top five Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in India

Top five Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in India - Lithium-ion batteries are gaining popularity these days as they are more efficient, have low discharge rate, longer life span, ease of charging, and are safe to use as compared to traditional lead acid batteries. These can be recharged hundreds of times and have higher energy density and need not to be checked for water levels making them low-cost maintenance batteries.

The transition of two and three-wheelers to electric vehicles is being proposed by the Indian government to 100 % by the year 2030. Currently, India is dependent on other countries for their demand for batteries for electric vehicles. That is why more and more Indian manufacturers are coming forward to boost electric mobility thereby providing additional support for the same. Also, the tariff rates on importing these batteries cost a lot higher so, most of the leading manufacturers of India are putting in lots of capital and hard work in developing lithium-ion batteries. As a result, in coming years the demand for Indian companies to manufacture them will grow rapidly and our dependence on foreign markets will gradually decline.

The Indian market has a huge potential for lithium-ion batteries and currently, there are several lithium battery manufacturer in Delhi NCR. The top 5 manufacturers are:

  1. EXIDE:

Exide industries are the largest battery manufacturers in India and now entering into the lithium-ion market and solar applications too. They have entered into a joint venture with Leclanche, which is globally recognized as a storage energy provider.  As all the major cities in India are facing polluted air issues causing health concerns, switching over to electric vehicles is the need of the hour. Exide’s lithium-ion motorbike and sports battery reduces the overall load on the vehicles making it faster to accelerate and comes with first-class safety features.


Tata Group has developed innovative solutions for lithium-ion batteries to provide safe and high-efficiency batteries. These batteries are used in the automotive industry, aerospace, solar applications, building, and construction. Their batteries pass stringent quality tests to check their strength so that they don’t pose a health hazard to the planet. They have recently started a lithium-ion plant in Dholera, Gujrat.


It is the second largest battery manufacturer and has recently established its lithium-ion plant in Tirupati facility, Andhra Pradesh. The company has come up with an agreement with ISRO. They have many prestigious names in their client list such as Maruti Suzuki, Ford India, Hyundai Motors, and Ford India cars ltd.


Though Das Electronics is a new name in lithium ion manufacturer in Ghaziabad but is creating a niche in the market. They are based in Ghaziabad and established in the year 2015. They have a wide range of lithium-ion and FE-PO4 batteries for solar panels, Electric vehicles, street lights, home lighting solutions, etc. all the battery products are procured from the best vendors and are delivered within the stipulated time period. All the batteries are cost-effective and durable.

  1. HBL (Hyderabad Batteries Limited) POWER:

They are also the leading best lithium ion battery Manufacturers company in India. They are known for their high-tech technology in designing, manufacturing, and packaging of high-quality lithium batteries. They are located in Hyderabad. As per the company, their products are durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Lithium-ion batteries are inarguably the most powerful and efficient battery that can be used in mobile phones to laptops, from hand-held electronic devices to solar plants and electric vehicles. Their demand is increasing rapidly in the automobile industry as well as power grid systems. Click: Top 10 lithium ion battery manufacturer in India