Who are the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in India

Who are the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in India

Imagine your child is playing with his/her favorite toy and it suddenly stops due to poor power supply.  You will definitely check the batteries for power supply and will curse the manufacturer. We all must have landed in such awkward situations which have ruined or shortened our enjoyable moments owing to poor power supply. The long term solution to all such situations is using lithium ion batteries.

Why switch to Lithium ion batteries?

  • Longer  life span
  • Improved charging
  • Temperature tolerant
  • Quick and unparalleled efficiency
  • Lightweight and more flexible than lead acid batteries

From almost all electronic gadgets to toys, handheld power tools and even electronic vehicles, lithium ion battery equipment is gaining popularity these days. These batteries are safe to use, have long life, faster charging and are non-hazardous. They can be recharged hundreds of times and provide greater stability.

With ample of benefits associated with it, the search for the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in India begins. When the market is loaded with plenty of manufacturers, one needs to look for an authentic and reliable manufacturer. Das Electronics Solution is a leading name in manufacturing of lithium ion as well as Lifepo4 battery.  Apart from efficiency and durability being the top priority while manufacturing, others benefits they provide are:

  1. Unmatched quality
  2. Highly dedicated team
  3. On time delivery of products
  4. Widely distributed network
  5. All products are quality tested
  6. Nominal pricing

They have the most talented and knowledgeable engineers and designers that are involved in designing and testing products leading to customer satisfaction. The sales and service staff are dedicated towards working in the right direction possessing right skills, experience and training. With a dedicated team and a strong network, this lithium ion battery manufacturer provides comprehensive solution for your problems without compromising on quality.

Lithium ion batteries not only reduces peripheral maintenance costs but also increases batteries’ lifespan by minimizing replacements costs that would eventually involve more manpower and logistics. The battery promises faster turnaround which means you can start system faster thereby reducing your time.

Pool of products offered by them is:

  • Li-ion Batteries for solar application
  • Li-FePo4 Batteries for solar application
  • Li-ion Batteries for electric vehicles
  • Li-FePo4 Batteries for electric vehicle

With the country facing new challenging situations each and every day, we  as an educated and sensible citizen can pledge to make our planet more greener by simply switching over to Electric vehicles that emit no gas and do not pollute the environment. The lithium batteries used in these vehicles not only give more power to your vehicle making it light weight but also reduces maintenance cost to a great extent.

Using solar energy for your home as well as business needs is a smarter decision when you pair it with lithium batteries. Their superior performance and durability makes them an excellent choice for renewable energy systems. Benefits they provide:

  • Efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Long lasting
  • No maintenance cost
  • Eco friendly

So don’t wait and make the switch to lithium batteries for stress free days and make the most of your adventure filled days.

Das Electronics solutionsoffer innovative technology in adherence to product standards and understand every customer’s need so that performance of each product can be maximized. They have a strong standing in the market since 2015 and assure remarkable warranties on their batteries so that you can relax and breathe easy that you have invested in the right direction.  When you are looking for a trust worthy partner, then look no beyond as these electronic solutions provide high quality product thereby reducing any development risk. Contact today for unmatched quality services for lithium ion battery manufacturer.