13.2Ah 11.1V Lithium Ion Battery

13.2Ah 11.1V Lithium Ion Battery

Das Electronics is a successful name in the Lithium Ion Battery. Our 13.2 Ah 11.1V Lithium Ion Battery are known for their durability and strong dependability. They have been designed to give a strong and sturdy appearance. The company ensures that there are absolutely no compromises in the quality of the batteries manufactured. Special emphasis is given to superior performance of the same.




11.1 V

Capacity Of The Battery

13.2 Ah


1.44 Kg

Type Of Battery

Lithium Ion

Uses & Applications

Electric vehicles, solar lights, emergency lights, radio, home lightning system, lantern, and many more.

Battery Size

115*55*75 mm


2 years



The batteries have been priced at a rate that is affordable for almost everyone who needs them. From procurement to delivery of these batteries, the company ensures that everything is done on a timely basis. This results in zero delays in delivery of customer orders.