24 AH 12.8 V Lithium Phosphate Battery For Street

24 AH 12.8 V Lithium Phosphate Battery For Street

Lithium Phosphate Battery For Street - When compared to lead acid batteries and other lithium batteries, the Lithium phosphate batteries offer bigger advantages. When compared on the basis of life, density and safety, the Lithium Phosphate batteries are much better. Das electronics offers a wide range of Lithium Phosphate batteries. 24 Ah 12.8 V Lithium Phosphate battery for street is just one of its many offerings in the basket of Lithium Phosphate batteries we offer.




12.8 V

Capacity Of The Battery

24 Ah

Type Of Battery

Lithium Phosphate

Uses & Applications

Solar lights



We at Das electronic acquire all our products and raw materials only from well reputed and certified vendors. The entire manufacturing process adheres to strict quality control. All this is done with the sole aim of offering our customers with batteries that are of an unmatched quality. Our commitment towards our customers have transcended into a loyal customer base for us.