Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle

Lithium Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicle

Lithium Ion Batteries For Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are slowly but steadily making their way on our roads. Almost all the top vehicle manufacturing companies are designing and developing electric vehicles. The governments across the world are also encouraging the production and use of these electric vehicles. With the increase in the usage of electric vehicles, the demand for batteries used in them is sure to increase as well.




Capacity Of The Battery

Up to 120 Ah

Type Of Battery

Lithium Ion

Uses & Applications

Electric vehicles



The Lithium Ion Batteries manufactured by Das Electrics is the best for electric vehicles. The company offers these high quality Lithium Ion batteries at very reasonable and affordable prices. They are also available in different voltage and capacities to match the exact needs of the customers. These batteries add efficiency and life to the eco friendly electric vehicles they are placed in.