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About Us

Das Electronics Solution

Das Electronics Solution is the leading lithium ion battery manufacturer in India, since 2015. We manufacture various  types of  lithium ion battery packs which fulfil the needs of different types of customers. You can find batteries for every type of electric vehicle like two wheelers, electric rickshaws, autos etc.

Our goal is to provide affordable products without compromising on the quality. We believe in continuously evolving and developing the lithium-ion technology in order to update our products with time. Our team specially focuses on innovation which helps in increasing the usability of our products. We also accept bulk orders of lithium ion batteries packs.

We provide complete satisfaction to our customers.

Our complete focus is on customer satisfaction by providing the best quality of product. We ensure timely delivery of the bulk orders.

We are growing faster than the industry itself.

Since our  establishment in 2015, the rate of our growth is much faster than the whole lithium-ion battery manufacturer industry.

We have the edge of technical expertise.

We equipped every product with the latest technology which provides us the edge against the competition and helps us gain the market share.

Our product portfolio

Our product portfolio includes lithium-ion batteries for electric rickshaw, electric cycle, electric scooter and electric autos.