Li- FePo4 Batteries for Solar Application


Lithium ion battery companies in India having numerous benefits of Lithium, -FePo4 batteries, they make an excellent choice for solar applications. Some of the benefits include:

  • Environmental friendly

  • Very low internal resistance

  • Safe and secure

  • Easily recycled

  • Longer life span and zero maintenance cost

We offer high power density lithium-FePo4 batteries making them lighter in weight and smaller in size. Our batteries use 100% of their capabilities and their faster charging time helps in increasing efficiency. Our batteries have a higher discharge rate which means when the power goes down and the load increases at once, the lithium-FePo4 batteries handle the load without any complexities.

Battery type





Lithium PO4

Solar Light

6 Ah to 200 Ah

12.8 V


30 Ah Lithium PO4

Solar Light

30 Ah

12.8 V


24 Ah Lithium PO4

Solar Light

24 Ah

12.8 V


We are the lithium ion battery manufacturer in India and developed an energy storage solution for solar panels. Our lithium ion battery technology is advanced, effective and reliable. That is why we have the edge over the other lithium ion battery companies in India.

Our batteries are highly suited for applications that require a lot of current and endurance. They are very light weight and can be stored easily. They are widely used in solar panels and street lights.These batteries can outage power failures caused by grid malfunctions or other reasons. Since due to multiple failures, a street light backup should be strong enough. Choose us as we are the most trusted lithium ion battery manufacturers in India.